Inconsistency Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Anyone who’s ever heard about Romeo and Juliet think it’s about two star-crossed lovers so in love they're willing to die for each other. Those who read it know it’s more to it. In “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, one of the underlying themes is the fickleness and inconsistency of young love. Throughout the story it shows the two star crossed lovers expressing what truly is young love. Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence's cell to tell him about the new love of his life, Juliet. The Friar mistakenly thinks he has been with Rosaline all night. Romeo clears up the miscommunication and tells him he is talking about Juliet. The Friar yells at Romeo for being so indecisive. For example the Friar says, “Lo, here upon thy cheek the stain doth sit of an old tear that has not stained yet.” The Friar is scolding Romeo because he was just crying over Rosaline a day ago and now he supposedly is in love with someone else. If Romeo was truly in love with Rosaline like he said he was, he wouldn’t have fallen out of love with her and in love with Juliet in a matter of minutes. Going to the Friar Lawrence's cell, Romeo informs him about Juliet …show more content…

The Friar soon tells Romeo he’s banished. Romeo throws a fit saying he would rather die than be banished. Romeo says, “Ha, banishment? Be merciful, say ‘death’.” Romeo is saying that he rather die than having to leave Juliet. Romeo is willing to die for a girl a he met a day ago and claims it to be true love. Juliet enters The Friar's cell to speak with him about how to be with Romeo. She threatens to take her life if The Friar can’t help her. Juliet says, “Do thou but call my resolution wise, and with this knife I'll help it presently.” Juliet is saying to The Friar if he can't help her she’ll kill herself and hopefully be in heaven with Romeo one day. Juliet is going to take her life in order to someday be with this man that is only in love with her because of her

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