Indirect Characterization In Lamb To The Slaughter

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Lamb To The Slaughter by Roald Dahl uses a lot of Indirect Characterization. When a writer's uses Indirect Characterization the writer reveals a character by description, dialogue, thoughts, effects on people, or showing him/her in action.(Normally this is gleaned through inference).In the short story there are several examples that demonstrate Indirect Characterization. An example is when Mr.Maloney goes ‘’Listen,’’he said. ‘’I’ve got something to tell you’’.(DAHL 2).Or when he goes,‘’This is going to be a big shock to you, I’m afraid’’ he said,’’but I’ve thought about it a good deal and I’ve decided that the only thing to do is to tell you Immediately’(DAHL 2). The first quote demonstrates Indirect Characterization because when Mr.Maloney

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