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Nazire Güler

Ressist. Assistant Tuğba Ağkaş Özcan

IED 134 (03) Study Skills and Research Tecniques

29 April 2016

The Negative Effects of Industrialisaiton in ‘’Odour of Chrysanthemums’’

‘’Odour of Chrysanthemums’’ ‘’depicting a snapshot of early twentieth century life’’(Bağlama 1456)

in a mining town is a short story by D.H Lawrence which was published in 1909 and

portrays’’ the decaying civilisation’’(Zhen 102) dehumanisation of workers,and alineation of

family relationships as the story proceeds.Therefore,this essay focuses on social reflections of the

time with the help of ‘’vivid picture’’( 1456) of mining district of Underwood.

Based on conventional family structure and life of a miner of the time through the
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As to conclude,’’Odour of Chrysanthemums’’ is a perfect example reflecting the negative side of

industrialisation which caused ‘’disintegration of family’’(Bağlama 1466) embodied by Elizabeth and

Walter,the standards of life in working class and their struggles in the dark and ‘’victimisaiton of

people’’(1464) for the sake of power holders and industrialists.

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