Nat Turner Rebellion Essay

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Some of the most important events that caused the Civil War were the rebellions that took place. Rebellions are the main reason we had the Civil War. Some of the most important rebellions were the attack by John Brown and the rebellion of Nat Turner. There were many other attempts of rebellion but these are the main reasons. John Brown was a White American abolitionist, who believed that rebellion was the only way to overthrow the idea of Slavery in the United States. John Brown had three sons that contributed in his act of rebellion: Fredrick Brown, Owen Brown, and Oliver Brown, Which were all apart of the rebellion. John Brown was born on May 9th, 1800 and died on December 2nd, 1859. John Brown was born into a highly religious family in Torrington, Connecticut. When Brown was only 5 years old, He moved to Ohio for reasons that anti-slavery was highly viewed. Brown moved about the country in search of employment. Along with him were his 20 sons and daughters. He lacked funds, but he still pursued …show more content…

Nat Turner was an African-American slave, who led a slave revolt in Virginia on August 21, 1831. This act resulted in the death of 60 white men. The whites resulted in the death of 200 black deaths. Nat Turner was born October 2nd, 1800 and died on November 11th, 1831. Nat Turner was born in South Hampton County, Virginia. His mothers name was Nancy, but atlas his father was unknown. As a child, Turner was thought to have a special talent because he could describe things that happened before he was born. People said he was intended for great purposes. For a number of years, Turner worked for many different plantations. Turners ran away from his owner, Samuel Turner, in which he hid in the woods for 30 days. Returning to the plantation, as he thought he found a sign of god. When his owner died he became a slave to Thomas Moore. “Nat Turner.” Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress, 2014. Web. 21 Oct.

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