Inhumanity Theme In The Book Night

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In the memoir Night, the narrator Wiesel recounts a moment when he was forced to watch a young boy being hang” To hanged a child in front of thousands of onlookers was not a small matter”(Wiesel 64). The cruelty of watching a kid dying in front of him was disturbing to see. As the author describes his experiences many other examples of inhumanity are revealed. Two significant themes related to inhumanity discussed in the book Night by Elie Wiesel lose of faith and the quote that Wiesel begins devout believe/disbelief of others.
One theme of Night is that inhumanity can cause of loss of faith. Correspondingly Wiesel was starting to ask questions to his believes and he not sure what he believes anymore.He use to be very religious.”Blessed be God name why,but why I bless him. Every fiber in me rebelled because he caused thousands of children to be burned in his mass graves…”(Wiesel 67).He is losing faith in God. What it happens around him is not the right way for humans to be
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Moishe the beadle told to everyone about the warning but everyone didn’t believe him.” But people not only refused to believe his tales, they refused to listen. Some even insinuated that he only wanted their pity, that he was imagining things” (Wiesel 7). They disbelieve what he was saying to them. And they were incredulity of his warning all because the peoples thoughts/opinion. That he was just imaging things even Wiesel didn’t believe him . First and foremost Wiesel was getting separated from his father at the beginning. And he wanted an answer for it path to go to. “Satisfied “yes”, someone answer,”poor devils you are heading for the cremation”. He seemed to be telling the truth”(Wiesel 32). So this shows us that this effect him into his problem of what way to choose, but he disbelieved himself and lead someone for his pathway . On the whole, these are two examples of how inhumanity cause disbelievers and the
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