Insanity In Poe's The Raven

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Insanity is what all of Poe’s stories boil down to. Insanity is going completely mad and not being able to make rational decisions. Mad people make decisions that are far from ordinary and can have dire consequences (America Mental Health.) In “The Raven” the narrator has gone insane around stanza ten. He goes from sadness and delusions to full insanity. The lose of his love, Lenore, sends him into a delicate state. The raven stands over him telling him what he already knows, but hearing it from an outside source makes him crazy. His emotional state slowly deteriorates (Bolden.) He just wants to be left alone even he is the one keeping the bird there. He even "leave my loneliness unbroken” to the raven. He chooses to be in solitude then to
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