Irony In Sammy Updike's 'Queenie'

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Additionally, Sammy’s thoughts about “Queenie” continue to evoke some sense of irony. His depiction of “Queenie’s” “oaky hair” and her “prim face”, which he claims are add to his positive descriptions of her because she was very courageous to enter A & P with her swimsuit’s straps down (Updike 339). All this time Sammy gives us the image of a naked girl but later clothes her with confidence to enter the stores in a bathing suit. Also, Sammy falls deep in his captivation that he does not mind “Queenie’s” pale skin and continues to sexualize her as his sight moves down her body: “She held her head so high her neck, coming up out of those white shoulders, looked kind of stretched, but I didn’t mind” (Updike 339). The longer her neck is the more

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