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The story A & P by John Updike represents a quest because on this particular day in the store Sammy goes on a journey, faces challenges and discovers something about himself. Evidence of this from the story is first, due to the three girls entering his store Sammy is now on a journey of love with Queenie, even though she does not know it. From the moment he saw her she captured his eye becoming the only thing he could focus on and really care about in those moments of being in her presence. Another explain of Sammy being on a quest is the fact that he faced challenges and trials during the process. One of the challenges he faced is being scorned by the “witch” whom he was checking out when Queenie first entered the store because his attention …show more content…

This is because, as he is looking around him he knows this is not the place for him to be in working under a boss that does not understand what he is doing to a person’s feeling and do not care how he is making them feel because of what he finds to be acceptable in society. Also, it is important because Sammy works is co-workers with a twenty-two year old male who is married with two kids. As far as Sammy is concerned in this era of time, he is somewhat behind in life. He is unwed with a crappy job, he needs more substance and meaning to be poured in even if it makes his parents, boss, or whom else it may concern mad. A big important factor to why this is important in Sammy’s case is because before the moment Queenie took his eye, you can infer that he never really gave his purpose in life much thought and he was curious or yearning for a love. This is because, more than likely he knew how his boss was prior because of his role in the community and his boss knowing his parents but never paid it that much attention or cared that much. Also, because he was not just admiring Queenie but he was trying to read a vibe off of her, he took note of certain things regarding her like the fact that she was not wearing any wedding ring or expensive jewelry, the way his boss changed her mood, and many more personal things about her. In all, this quest is important because it caused Sammy to realize things that he

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