Dramatic Conflict In A & P

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Where does the dramatic conflict in A&P become apparent? Why does Sammy quit his job? What do you understand from the conclusion of the story? ( use examples from the text) The dramatic conflict in A&P is not apparent until the last part of the story. This allows Sammy to give us insights of what dull world he lived in. As well as describing some of the ways the other characters live their life. For example he mentions, Stokesie is married and has two children but Sammy does not want to live a replica of his life because he is still young. Another insight of another characters life that is given to us is Lengel. Lengel is the story manager, but Sammy does not want to be like him either because he emphasized the stores policys (it would be nice to own a store …show more content…

This is where the dramatic conflicts comes into place because Sammy is upset that Langel has embrassed the young ladies. (Until almost the ending where Sammy confronts Lengel) Sammy does not stay quite and starts to stand up for these girls. Sammy is so displeased with Lengel's actions that he quits. Sammy quits his job because he wants to start living the life that the girls in the bathing suits were living. When Langel critized the girls, to Sammy it meant he was critizing their lifestyle. Sammy was not going to let Lengel critized the life he wishes to have. Once he quits it was the first step of independence he gained. (Future lifestyle) In conclusion of the story Sammy has realize that there will be consequences to his actions when he mentions "...my stomach kind of fell as I felt how hard the world was going to be to me hereafter"(Updike 21). Although he knows he will have to confront them in order to start living his life. He is only 19 and does not want to stay in that boring place where he has no independence since his parents were the ones who got him the job. Although he gives details about how he see his life now "...the door heaves itself open,

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