Irony In The Maze Runner

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The Maze Runner 1. The maze runner is a story of a group of boys and with the main characters being Thomas, Newt, Alby, Teresa, and Minho. One day Thomas wakes up in an elevator and finds himself with no memory but his name as the elevator stops he finds that he is been sent to a place called the glade. As he gets out of the elevator he sees a group of boys, they called themselves Glader’s. He meets two boys that showed him around the glade, there name are Newt and Alby. The glade located in middle of a larger maze. He finds out every 30 days there is a new boy that is sent up in the elevator. But the next day the elevator comes back up with someone new and this time it was a girl. She had a note in her hand that said “she is the last one ever”. Then a few days later Thomas goes in to the maze during night to help Minho and Alby after there had been an accciedent in the maze. No one had survived a night in the maze but Thomas, Minho…show more content…
There are some parts in the maze runner that use irony to build tension. For instance when Minho and Alby go in to the maze to examine a dead Griever, they are willing to bring it back to the glade without any kind of problems. Instead of what was planned to happen the Griever is actually alive and then it injures Alby. This made the journey for them to come back to the glade very hard. This ends up being an opposite out come to what they had expected. This kind of situation is an irony. However Thomas decides to try and help Alby and Minho when they are trapped in the maze. Thomas though he and Minho could protect Alby form the Grievers. But Minho just runs away and Thomas is left alone to save Alby. This is demonstrated as situational irony. This proves that irony is active in many parts of the maze
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