Iroquois Legends Research Paper

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Extra Credit: Iroquois Legends and Myths: A psychotic Onondaga chief named Todadaho was a cannibal who ate from bowls made out of the skulls of his victims. He could kill with only a Medusa like look. After this two heroes entered, they were Deganawidah and he then encountered a violent, cannibalistic Onondagan chief. According to the legend, Deganawidah watched through a hole in the roof and in which he saw Todadaho preparing to cook his latest victim. Seeing the stranger’s face reflected in the cooking pot, the barbarian assumed it to be his own image. He was struck by the thought that the beauty of the face was incompatible with the horrendous practice of cannibalism and immediately forsook the practice. We went outside to dispose of the corpse, and when he returned to his lodge he met Deganawidah. The foreigner’s words peace and righteousness were so powerful that the man became a loyal disciple and helped spread the message. Deganawidah named his disciple, Hiawatha …show more content…

The games were` played with a ball and sticks with nets attached to the end. Sometimes, these games could be huge events with thousands of fans packed in fields that were about a mile long. Since these games had little rules, the players often had serious injuries. These games could be used to settle disputes with neighboring tribes and they would often last from sunrise to sunset. The Iroquois also played games like the Hand game which was a game that involved a small bone or a ball and the players would often hide the object in their hands and the players from the other team would guess who had the object. If they were correct they got a point. The next game that the Iroquois played was actually a children’s game. They played it by taking a long stick and tying a string to one end. At the other end a string was tied. Then they would toss the ring into the air and try to catch it with the other end of the

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