Is Friar Lawrence To Blame For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet?

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The tragic death of Romeo and Juliet ends the story of William Shakespeare’s 1597 play Romeo and Juliet. But one question that is the most debatable is, who shall be blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet? Many believe that Friar Lawrence should pay the cost of the loving couples death. But this essay disagrees Friars involvement in the death of the two and supports why he shouldn’t receive a punishment. Friar married them together, so the family feud would come to a conclusion, Friar was attached to the relationship between the two and couldn’t find an escape and, the tragedy was caused by Romeo’s mistake. To begin with, Friar married Romeo and Juliet together, so family feud would be over. “For this alliance may so happy prove. To turn your households' rancor to pure love”. (act 3, scene 2, line 92-93). It will be the day when Capulets and Montagues become one single family, and the day were Verona is going to be awake all night. The day when Romeo will belong to the Capulet and Juliet belonging to the Montagues. Moreover, Romeo couldn’t carry the rejection from Roseline and he was distressed by that. So, when Romeo found a beautiful loving girl Friar thought that this may brighten up his soul and he will be back to normal. To conclude, the binding of Romeo and Juliet was meant to end the family feud and to get Romeo’s life …show more content…

When Romeo got exiled to Mantua, Friar was ready to convince the Prince to shorten his punishment and try to resolve the issue in Verona, so they could live in peace. At the same time, Juliet is engaged to Paris and she demands a solution for her matter. She threatened to take her own life if there isn’t an answer. Essentiality, he was forced to create a sleeping potion that would settle the marriage. Friar was dragged to this relationship and was obligated to help Romeo with his exile and Juliet with her marriage proposal with

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