Is George A Good Friend To Lennie Essay

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Fact: 100% of people that read the book Of Mice and Men love it. Of Mice and Men is an American tragedy story written by John Steinbeck. This story centers around George and Lennie- a pair of migrant farm workers in the 1930’s- who travel together from job to job “The best sort of friends ‘live together’ and ‘spend their days together’” (Sherman). Lennie has a mental disability and George acts as a caregiver to Lennie. The dynamic duo share a dream of earning enough money to go off on their own and buy a farm. George always has to bail Lennie out of problems. For that reason we ask is George a good friend to lennie? Yes. One reason that George is a good friend is because he always has Lennie’s back. In Weed, California george saved lennie from an angry mob after he grabbed a little girl’s dress. “He “Jus’ wanted to feel that girl’s dress.” (Steinbeck 7) I chose this quote because it shows that George had Lennie's back no matter how bad he messed up. He could have easily left Lennie by himself but he didn’t because he carried about Lennie as a friend. George is a good friend to Lennie because he gives lennie hope when he tells him the story about the dream farm at the river and at the farm. A quote I found is, “ someday… we are gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an’a cow and …show more content…

At the end of the book, George had to shoot Lennie in order to protect him from a painful death. While he was about to shoot Lennie, he had him stare out into the woods as he told Lennie the story of the farm. Here is a quote I found, “Lennie giggled with happiness… George raised the gun… He pulled the trigger.” (Steinbeck, 105-106) I chose this quote because it said Lennie giggled with happiness. He was happy because they were talking about the farm. Lennie died a happy and painless death. That is why George is a good friend. He made sure Lennie would feel happy and not feel a

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