Lennie's Mistakes Of George In Of Mice And Men

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From the day that Lennie’s Aunt Clara died and from the day George took Lennie in as a friend George was always there for him. If Lennie did not have George, Lennie would have no one to protect him and save him from all of the bad things that he has done. Despite all of the dangers and problems Lennie got George and himself into, George benefited and also learned from Lennie’s mistakes. George needs his ignorant sidekick as much as Lennie needs George. Lennie gives George a loyal companion and somebody to lean on. Lennie never doubts George and he looks up to him. While Crooks and Lennie are talking together Crooks says, “A guy needs somebody―to be near him. A guy goes nuts if he ain 't got nobody. Don 't make no difference who the guy

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