Is John Proctor Innocent In The Crucible

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John Proctor is a farmer and business owner is Salem Village, a village outside of the bigger Salem Town. Proctor is not only innocent, but is also one of Salems best residents because he puts his family first. Mr. Proctor has been accused of witchcraft by Mary Warren on false accusations. I am arguing in the case that John Proctor is innocent and Mary Warren has only accused John on the fear of being accused herself. On the day of Proctors hanging, he gets to talk to his wife Elizabeth and decides that he will not confess because he is a good man and that would soil his name and he would be telling a lie which only shows he is a good and pure man at heart. John is not only an innocent man, but is also a very good man that cares for his family and fellow Salem citizens.

First of all, there is no empirical evidence of witches whatsoever throughout the trials. Every accusation is from other people, so-called witnesses, and essentially just people accusing because they are afraid to get accused themselves. In the first part of the play, betty is supposedly sick because of witchcraft, but it is most likely the result of a common flu …show more content…

When Abigail is questioned, she claims the spirit of Mary Warren is attacking her. The only evidence is what Abigail is saying. So, Abigail is either lying to save herself as she has always been doing, or actually sees Mary's spirit. Since Mary is still there, shouting at Abigail to stop lying, the court must believe either Mary or Abby. However, after being accused by Williams, Mary gets scared and backs out of her deal with John and says that John’s spirit made her do it, accusing Mr. Proctor of witchcraft. She says John is “the devil's man” and want her to sign his “black book” (The Crucible Act III). Abigail is obviously not acting truthful because why would Mary send her spirit to attack Abigail when she knows that Abby could easily accuse Mary in the blink of an

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