John Proctor's Guilt In The Crucible

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People have to go through a hard crucible situation when someone point finger at them such as jews. It is kind of like nature of human to think about themselves first and protect themselves, but it takes too much courage for a person to stay with what they believe or accept their fault. Arthur Miller’s story which was played in The Crucible had actually happened in a village when people had to go through a difficult life choice in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. For a guilt/adultery, John Proctor faced a terrible persecution, Rebecca Nurse, a honorable woman in the society, who faced a horrible penalty of death; even though Reverend Parris (minister of the Salem) could have saved all the people if he hadn’t cared about his rising reputation so much. Arthur Miller expresses people’s reactions to turmoil in The Crucible: the title effectively captures the struggles the character have to face. …show more content…

He felt guilty because he committed adultery with abigail. Abigail william started the story about witch trial, and accused Elizabeth proctor for being witch. John Proctor try to protect his wife, but he could not instead of he got considered as devil’s man. He signed the confession, but ripped it of when the judge said that it have to hang on church door. He says “ ‘ Because it is my name! I cannot have another in my life… I have given you my soul; leave me my name’ “(Millers 868). He choses to die rather than living with a lie, and gain back his

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