Is The Electoral College Really Fair

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The Electoral College- Is it Really That Fair? Last time you voted for a presidential candidate, your vote didn’t really count. Only the votes of a few people do. When there is an election, you cast your vote, and when your state sends in the votes, the real election takes place. Electors pledge their votes, a set amount depending on your Representatives, to a candidate. When all the Electors pledge, they actually vote and in each state, except Nebraska and Maine, the popular vote gets all the electoral votes. The Electoral College is unfair, and it should be abolished, mainly because of the way the votes are counted, they way candidates campaign and the easy way the Electoral College would be abolished without a Constitutional Amendment.…show more content…
Many people will say the electoral college hasn’t caused that many problems. When you look at the big picture, both Republicans and Democrats have been hurt by the outcomes of some elections, mainly Bush vs. Gore and Obama vs. Romney. Republicans and Democrats are on board to abolish the electoral college. Just because the electoral college is in the constitution doesn’t mean that it is a good thing. If you look at the constitution you see all of the things that amendments have changed. Women can now vote, slavery is abolished and presidents can’t have more than two terms. Why then are we still practicing the electoral college? Many people also argue that the average person is not informed enough, still, after 227 years the original purpose stands. This is wrong. The main reason is the bad campaigning that candidates do for the swing state’s votes. Although there are many objections, obviously the electoral college should be abolished. The electoral college is just a ticking time bomb of politics. Why let the electors ruin our right to vote? When a president is elected, think, were they voted by you, or the electors? Keep your rights close, but your electors
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