Is Walmart Good For America Essay

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In a Frontline news special, Is Walmart Good for America, America’s favorite store is exposed as it shows how the low priced that benefits millions of Americans, is really hurting the American economy. Walmart’s specialty is one stop shopping, thousands of people per day shop at Walmart on a daily basis. Sam Walton’s formula was “buy cheap, sell lower than the other guy and make the profit off volume and fast turnover.” This simple formula has made Walmart the largest company in the world. The theory that this most relatable to is the Marxist feminism theory where the root of male dominance lie’s in men’s ownership and the control of the means of economic production. First and foremost, the way Walmart keeps prices so low is through a system that scans bar code and the power of information that allows them to scan the item out and automatically send the replacement items from the warehouse back to the store within 24 hours. They speed delivery from the warehouse to the store and the store shelf. Walmart is a major part of the United States economy. …show more content…

According to Frontline, the deals with Walmart are very one sided, Walmart already knows manufacturer sales and all their information prior to meetings. Manufacturer are forced to buy at the price Walmart offers. Walmart basically calls the shots and changed the way manufacturers do business. In an example, Frontline showed Rubbermaid, who’s largest client became Walmart. When the cost of resin (an ingredient required to produce plastic) increased, Rubbermaid attempted to raise its price to cover the cost of the resin. Walmart refused the price increase. Eventually Rubbermaid auctioned off everything and sold the

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