Island Biogeography

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Part One:
Island Biogeography deals a lot with size and shape. “One of the reasons islands are important in the more general structure of ecology, biogeography, and conservation biology is that islands, as at least relatively isolated areas, are excellent natural laboratories to study the relationship between area and species diversity. When we fully understand the relationship, it will be applicable to fragments of habitat that human activities protect. We all know those sanctuaries are important, but we need to know what and how much we can protect in them” (Island Biogeography). The term may not mean an actual island but it could also be an ecosystem. In this ecosystem, the larger area will have a greater number of species, the smaller
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For example, it can help predict things, different changes in habitats, applied to many problems, and help understand the different effects on a habitat. However, there are some limitations when dealing with IBT. For example, habitat fragmentation. When it comes to habitat fragmentation, there are somethings that cannot be controlled and having something that separates two habitats, like an ocean or body of water can really limit activity of the different species, and limit how they interact with their habitats. Other limitations would be improperly managed habitats, harsh conditions, or human interactions. All of these things could harm the species or their…show more content…
Other places such as Pinckney Island and the Savanah Wildlife Refuge also showed a lot of plant and animal diversity. Many of the other places showed either or a lot more of one than the other. Beside the plant and animal aspect, we payed close attention to the management of the area. We were looking to see how well taken care of the area may have been, if it was cleaned, if it was left in its more natural state, and if what they were doing to the area was helping to preserve and conserve the area. Congaree Park, had a boardwalk, and some areas to sit but as far as the management, there was little to none. They allowed fallen trees to remain, they were not removed only cut if they blocked any walking paths. They also let walking trails in their natural states they were not cleared or
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