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The Lord of the Flies, A book by William Golding, was influenced greatly by the surroundings of the author. His surroundings affected his logic, his emotions, and his credibility. Because of the outside influence he was recorded as saying, “...man produces evil as a bee produces honey...”. In this quote he is stating that all a human will ever do is cause and create evil. I will go over how his pathos, logos, and ethos about governments affected his writing and the characters differences in governments. Golding lived and served in the royal navy during world war two and as such he saw many different governments: Socialist, republic, democracy, monarchy. Each of these were taken and represented as a character in the books. The characters …show more content…

In a communist country you have the one leader who is in control of multiple other sub leaders, or taskmasters, who control the whole country Simon says in the book Lord of the flies, “...maybe there is a beast. ... What I mean is, maybe it's only us.”(89) He has started to realize that the people's own thoughts are the monster they have been fearing. William golding may have been referencing man's lust for power. Jack is the first to show this lust and as the book goes on he seeks to set himself up as a ruler over everybody else. By doing this he now represents a communist leader. Golding saw that communist leaders lure people in by using promises of protection and freedom and everything they could ever want and then traps them there with fear and punishments. Jack represents this very effectively. He runs away from the main group while promising them games and fun with food. This lures his main friends, the choir away from the other group. Then he throws a big party on his first day as ruler to draw others in. Once he gets a large part of the group he closes the cage on them and starts putting his choirboys over

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