Jacob Lawrence: The Harlem Renaissance

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The Harlem Renaissance was a the time that took place between the end of World War I and the middle of the 1930s. During this time Harlem was a cultural center, drawing black writers, musicians and artist. This was the most influential movement for African Americans. Many people in the African American literary movement were either descends from slaves or were part of the great migration out of the South. The Harlem Renaissance gave black people the opportunity to become something important. The rest of the country began looking at the black community as humans and they became more than just slaves.
Louis Armstrong was an African American Trumpet player, singer and occasional actor. He was one of the most famous musicians of his time. Louis …show more content…

Langston Hughes was one the most well known names during the Harlem Renaissance. He was a writer whose pieces ranged from novels, to plays. He wrote short stories, children’s books, translations and anthologies as well. However, his most well known pieces were his poems. Langston's writing reflected the idea that black culture should be celebrated, because it is just as valuable as white culture. He advocated many of these beliefs in his pieces.
Jacob Lawrence was the first mainstream African American artist. His success began at the age of 24, and lasted until he died, in 2000. Lawrence is best known for his "Migration" series of paintings, where he shows the migration of blacks from Africa, to the United States. This series focuses mainly on their history in the south. Throughout his life, he won many awards and a lot of recognition for his works.
The Harlem Renaissance was an important time in the black community. It changed the way that black people were looked at. African Americans had more opportunities to become artists, poets, writers, and performers. A race riot in Harlem caused the end of the Renaissance. On March 19-20 1935, More than 10,000 people rioted the streets to protest the perceived police brutality against blacks. When it ended 125 people were arrested, more than 100 people had been injured, and 3 individuals were dead, all of them black. Property damage to 200

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