Jane Eyre Discussion Questions

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Jane Eyre Discussion Questions Mrs. Amato Honors English 11 Gabby Sargenti CHAPTERS 1-4 1. Review the details Brontë provides about the weather in the opening chapter of the novel. How does this establish the mood of the story when it begins? “Cold winter” “Leafless” “Cloud” “Chilly” “Protruding rain” This establishes a depressing and somber mood 2. Why is it ironic that Jane is seen as the guilty party in the incident with John Reed? To whom does she compare John? What is she implying in this comparison? It is ironic that Jane is seen as the guilty party in the incident with John Reed because John started the fight when he slapped Jane. Then when John’s sisters, Eliza and Georgina, go to “tattle tale” on Jane, their mother blames Jane for the whole situation. Jane compares John to a “murderer,” “slave-driver,” and “Roman Emperors” (Bronte 9). During this comparison, she is implying that he is a very cruel and awful person. That he would beat her and boss her around. 3. Review the following passage: “I began to recall what I had heard of dead men, troubled in their graves by the violation of their last wishes, revisiting the earth to punish the perjured and avenge the oppressed; and I …show more content…

Rochester's first interaction was when Mr. Rochester fell off his horse and Jane helped him in the woods. This might foretell that Jane is going to help Mr. Rochester again when he has troubles and need help getting through them. Then we they meet at the house, he kind of ignored Jane and he was “left alone” and “did not take his eyes off from the group of the dog and child (Bronte 175), however after he asked Jane to sit down, he immediately started acting rude and impolite. Jane felt that this was completely normal, and if he did otherwise, she would be shocked. Then Mr. Rochester deems interested in Jane because of the way she answers all his questions. She answers them with her strong personality, which shocked him because women were not like that back

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