Papers On Japanese Internment Camps

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Japanese Internment Camps- Rough Draft A nice day, Feb 20, 1942 then out of nowhere 20,000 Japanese Americans kicked out of there homes into horror camps, Internment Camps. At the time Japanese Internment camps where a good idea. Feb19, 1942 Franklin D Roosevelt, issued Executive Order 9066. This allowed americans to move Japanese to the internment camps. Why would they do this? After Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, America thought Japanese Americans were spies for Japan. The Internment Camps life. Japanese forced to stay in the camps way smaller than their homes. But that wasn 't the end, they forced them to work for hours a day with little food and not good care.This is extremely sad since we know today they were not spies for Japan, but civilians. …show more content…

After 3 years of life at internment camps, they were out. They return to their homes after all the time. Forty years later, 100,000 Japanese Americans get payed $20,000 as an apologize. Nowadays, Japanese Internment camps are very sad. Now since we know about this let 's try to prevent stuff like executive order 9066 and these camps

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