Jefferson Davis Confederate Leader

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Jefferson Davis is a Confederate leader that has done loads of things that help the Union and the Confederate States of America. If you are the leader of the Confederate States and help the United States, there has to be something wrong with you, some might say. Jefferson Davis was the man responsible for the plan that there should be equal firepower (meaning guns and cannons) in each place in the South . This idea played right into the Union plans. With this idea the Union was able to take a lot more firepower and make some lethal blows at some very important places in the South including very important ports on the Mississippi River like New Orleans, for shipping, resources, and goods. Davis did lead the South to some victories early on in the war. Davis also did not let General Lee surrender after the defeat at Gettysburg. Most scholars believed that Davis’ leadership was bad at the time of the war. Lee ended up surrendering the Confederacy without Jefferson Davis’ approval. Lee laid the foundation for the Confederacy early in the war Davis didn’t help until later on. This proves Lee had more control. Before Lee surrendered, Jefferson and his cabinet prepare to leave the capital. They gathered documents and ordered that bridges and weapons the enemy could use against them be burned. By doing this the …show more content…

House of Representatives for Mississippi. A year later he left the house to command a unit in the Mexican War. In 1847 Davis was told by the governor of Mississippi to fill out a senate term. He was elected to be in the senate the following year. One year later he left the senate and ran for governor of Mississippi and was unsuccessful. Davis served as a secretary of war at the time of the Pierce presidency (1835-1857). During this time Davis influenced the Gadsen Purchase to be pursued, by this we gained the territory that is now known as Arizona and New mexico. In 1857 he was re-elected for the senate in

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