Jerry Spinelli's Milkweed

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Milkweed was wrote by Jerry Spinelli. This is a story of an orphan in 1930s Poland who is very naïve and knows nothing. Not who he is, who other people are, nothing of the world around him. He knows only that he is small and fast and able to snatch food right from under the noses of the people it belongs to. He is eventually taken in by a gang of orphan kids, and becomes the special ward of one in particular, Uri. I really loved Uri's character. He's generous, kind, wise beyond his years, in tune with the world around him, and very smart. He teaches, or tries to teach our main character orphan who he later names Misha, about life and how to keep it. His character is almost that of a mentor, or older brother to clean-slate Misha, and I loved that he was stern with Misha when Misha obliviously ran dangerous risks that would endanger both Uri's and Misha's lives. He makes sure that when they have a surplus of food, that other orphans receive it. Misha makes friends with Janina who is six years …show more content…

I have to start from zero and rebuild everything. I have to learn a new language, make new friends, and carry out everyday activities like a child. Yet, I never give up, I took ESL classes and learn about various unfamiliar responsibilities concerning health care, housing, bills, and try many different jobs like Misha. The end of the Milkweed makes me feel happy for Misha, because he away from all the suffering. Now Jack is living with his daughter and granddaughter who easily let him settle into their fun and loving world. He is in heaven in this family, reminded of the pain of his past family, but able to enjoy pleasure of his present. He is able to give his granddaughter the middle name Janina, though he never tells another soul about his sister because the pain is too much. His identity, which has switched many times throughout the book, is finally, safely solid. In the arms of his granddaughter, he is

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