Rikki Tiki Character Traits

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My favorite character from unit one was Rikki-Tikki, from Rudyard Kipling’s Rikki Tikki Tavi. I liked Rikki-Tikki because he was brave, selfless, and also caring. These are all important traits. Kipling developed Rikki’s traits early in the story. At first, he seemed helpless, especially when he was saved by Teddy and his family. However, soon afterward, you could tell Rikki- Tikki was courageous and willing to fight for them. Rikki was very loving to the family. Teddy’s mother was concerned for Teddy at first, but she eventually realized Rikki-Tikki could protect him. I would probably react the same way. RIkki-Tikki loved the family so much he risked his life multiple times to protect them. When Nagaina got into the veranda during breakfast,

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