Jesus By Langston Hugh Summary Chapter 1

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In this chapter of Matthew chapter nine sections eighteen through twenty-six we can see and read how Jesus performed miracles on the bleeding woman and the dead girl. This one of the miracles in the bible performed by Jesus that is well known by many people. After he performs these miracles everyone that saw what he had done went out and told everyone they could. In the beginning, Jesus and his disciples enter a town where they are greeted by many people in the town. As they make their way into the town Synagogue goes before Jesus and asks for him to go and see his daughter and place his hand on her and she will be healed. He claims she is dead and if Jesus touches her she will live again. Jesus agrees and him and his disciples follow the …show more content…

She explains how she was cast out of the city and because she was ill and had been bleeding for twelve year. She says that if she were to touch the cloak of Jesus then she would instantly be healed by him. At that moment, Jesus heals the woman and claims it wasn’t because of the cloak it was the fact she put her faith and her trust and believed that he would heal her. After the women leaves he continues to follow the man until they arrive at his home. When they do, Jesus walks inside to many people all talking and then people playing music. Jesus then claims that the girl is not dead but is simply sleeping. Everyone laughs at Jesus because they do not believe what he is saying to be true and think he is crazy. Jesus then asks everyone to leave the room and go outside leaving him alone with the girl. He heals the girl and they walk out together leaving everyone including his disciples in pure shock. Everyone is amazed and stunned and he tells everyone who saw to go at and claim what they witnessed to everyone. Both miracles performed by Jesus in this text have to do with healing because of the faith and trust in Jesus. When it comes to Synagogue he comes to Jesus and asks for his help with his

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