Jim Crow Laws Essay

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How do you think a modern person would struggle during Jim Crow Laws? During 1865, when Reconstruction started, Black Louisianan's gain their freedom as slavery ended and recied privileges like voting rights. When Reconstruction ended, Black Louisianan's lives struggled more because of Jim Crow Laws ing introduced. Black Louisianan's esisted Jim Crow segregation in multiple ways. Black Louisianians resisted Jim Crow segregation in many ways, including sueing for more freedom, planning protest and a boycott, ignored cartain laws, and making people change laws.

One way that Black Louisianians resisted Jim Crow segregation during the Great Migration was to move to other places to get better opportunities. According to the Background Essay, it states, "Black people had settled in the South not by choice but by force." This evidence explains the reason as to why Black Louisianan'sleft the south, as they were forced to live in the outh because of Jim Crow Laws. Since some people were leaving, sur production lowered, causing plantation owners in the South to make less money, which was effective. …show more content…

According to the Background Essay, it states, "Homer ways. Analyze the documents that follow and answer Plessy, a free person of color, was arrested in New the question: From Plessy to Ruby: How Did Black Orleans for boarding a train car reserved for white Louisianians Resist Jim Crow segregation?passengers. He sued claiming that Louisiana’s law was unconstitutional." This type of resistence is effective because Black Louisianan's could now sue to have more freedom. With this, white people lot the power they used to have, whch was being the only people to have any privileges like being able to sue. It also helped by giving more people intergrated facilities

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