New Orleans During World War 2 Essay

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New Orleans During WWII New Orleans, Louisiana was greatly affected by World War Two. It went through many different changes. It also contributed greatly to the war. There were many forms of entertainment in New Orleans, Louisiana during the forties. There were also many new inventions and stores and restaurants. Also, there were many new jobs, which meant there were new employment opportunities. Louisiana's population became more urban than rural. World War Two transformed Louisiana significantly. There were many forms of entertainment in Louisiana during the forties. One form of entertainment, that is still present today, was Mardi Gras. Many men dressed like women in the parades. Mardi Gras is a holiday in New Orleans, and it is an extremely big deal. Baseball was also pretty popular. The New Orleans Pelicans Baseball Team was founded in1887 by Toby Hart. The played games in Pelicans Stadium. There was also a team called the New Orleans Black Pelicans of the Negro League, which was an all African American team. There were also other teams including the New Orleans Stars and the New Orleans Eagles, but the Pelicans team was the most popular. There was also something called USO clubs. USO stands for United Service Organization. It was created on April 17, 1941. It was created to entertain the men and women in the armed forces. Basically, it was a …show more content…

This demand helped farmers overcome the effects of the Great Depression. There was a demand for sugarcane, cotton, and rice. New Orleans was Louisiana’s main industrial area. Also during World War Two, racism seemed to diminish slightly, or at least it was more bearable. Black people had to switch from their low ranking jobs to the jobs that were originally occupied by white people. This allowed African Americans to have more opportunities. But, racism was still very much alive, and many black workers came across racist people while working on their new

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