Jim Crow Laws In The 1800s

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Laws unbound, slavery became illegal in the United States in the 1800s. This did not stop the discrimination that people of color faced in the years afterward. The K.K.K, Brown v. Board of Education, and Jim Crow laws that followed after the law was abolished, or in one case, became more violent after the law-breaking. Black people’s lives faced death nearly daily after Jim Crow laws, and the K.K.K. However, the K.K.K. did not have laws for unjust violence. That was taken to the laws themselves, Jim Crow laws. Jim Crow was a set of laws and mockery of black faces through white supremacy, mocking people of color, and setting them under white people. Jim Crow was a set of racist laws that set people of color under white people. A man named, …show more content…

These laws were used to “enforce racial segregation in the South from about 1877, which marked the end of the formal Reconstruction period, to the beginning of the civil rights movement in the 1950s” (Britannica School, Introduction). Laws soon came into play with Jim Crow, placing black people under white people more and more. Though soon after slavery was illegal, black people were separated at any moment. This led to a difference in the united states, pushing people of color backward. Losing their weak grip on the freedom they even began to partake in, it wasn’t a sudden change. African Americans suffered a significant loss of rights after the laws were passed. To the extremes of not having the same education as voting rights. Von Zumbusch writes that “The Jim Crow laws were part of an effort by white Americans to ensure that African Americans had and continued to have less power than white Americans” (Chapter Two). Given that most African Americans were coming from slave households, knowing that absolute freedom was not an option beforehand. The laws set every black person down, pushing white supremacy up to its peak. White people wanted black people to feel lower, even though they had just come from

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