John Adams Dbq

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President John Adams served as the second President of the United States. He was elected in 1897 after serving the nation and George Washington as his vice president for eight years 1789-1797. John Adams was widely respected by the other Founding Fathers for his wisdom, and great personal sacrifices he made during the Revolutionary War. John Adams took office when America was only 21years old. During this term the founding fathers began to come up with different ideas on the future of the new country and how it should be governed. Most of their disagreements were over whether America should have a stronger centralized government or if the states should have more power than the federal government. John Adams took the position of pr-federalist, favoring a stronger centralized government. …show more content…

Adams sent three men to france, Charles Pinckney who was know as an excellent orator and served as a senator from Maryland from 1819-1822, John Marshall who was an American politician and is the longest living Chief of Justice, and Elbridge Gerry who was an american statesman and one of three who attended the Constitutional Convention. When they got to France they were approached by the French minister who asked america for a 250,000 dollar bride and on top of that a five million dollar loan to negotiate. This resulted in an undeclared naval war called the Quasi-War, and was fought entirely at sea. The Quasi-War was fought July 7, 1798 to September 30, 1800 and was a long undeclared war that was fought entirely at sea. Adams was known as the father of Navy and really focused on establishing a strong Navy, and good thing he did because we won the Quasi-War. The war did take a toll on the politics between the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans, it also gave Adams a reason to build a navy for the explicit purpose of attacking French warships that sought to capture American merchant

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