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Introduction: In Miller play “The Crucible, “ many characters are obligated to decide whether they should confess to witch craft and ruin their name or to be hanged for dealing with something that doesn’t exists. Our main character which is John Proctor was admitted to doing witch craft and chose to keep his name instead of sacrificing him self over a tarnished name Argument: John proctor last act in the play was an act of excessive pride. His actions throughout the play were foolish REASON1, AND EVIDENCE 1: John Procter figured a display of his signature would take away his pride. Proctor says “I have three children – how may I teach them to walk like men in the ...” “ I have blacken all of them when this is nailed to the church…” (Miller, …show more content…

This shows that john proctor valued to save his village instead of keeping his name but at the end he still chose to keep his name and refused to let bad things put upon it. When he died he wanted the good name put upon it saying that he saved his village but in reality he was just doing that for a good name to make him seem as a hero. Elizabeth says : And yer you’ve not til now. That speak goodness in you.” (Miller ). This shows how he didn’t want any of his friends to get into trouble Conclusion: In conclusion, the salem witch trails were one of the most embarrassing moment in history the story the crucible written by miller shows how people can throw away their good judgement to be consumed my conficious stories of witches john proctor was accused of witch craft and decided to end his life instead of living a life of lies. John proctor did not want a display of his signature, He did not want to ask for forgivness, and he didn’t want to confess in court because he doesn’t want a lie put upon his

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