John Proctor's Final Act In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Proctors final act was honor. Proctors actions were noble, he was a very honorable man. His actions really helped him and his family name. In the passage of the book ¨The Crucible” John Proctor says ¨i have given you my soul, let me keep my family name.¨ This statement is very noble. He gave his life for his family name making sure that the people who are going to kill know not to say anything bad about his name. Proctors option of getting hung over telling everyone, which was a act of honor. It was a act of honor because he decided to get hung over letting the whole town know, and see what he had to do to keep his name good and not bad. Proctor did do some bad things, and did try and blame things on people which they did not do because

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