John Rawls: A Theory Of Justice

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In 1971 American philosopher John Rawls wrote his perhaps most famous piece of work named ‘A Theory of Justice’, which is to this day believed to be one of the most significant pieces of text in the field of political philosophy. In his work, John Rawls introduces the eminent Original Position, in which everyone is impartially situated as equal, and the Principles of Justice, directed at undertaking the competing claims for liberty and fairness in the present-day society. Throughout his work, Rawls endeavours to find a theory which could govern the dissemination of goods and opportunities in society in a most fair and equal method.
The shape and content of both political and social philosophy has been significantly revolutionized since the emergence of John Rawls’ ideas. His’ A Theory of Justice’, most significantly, has been a rich source of ideas which continue to impact contemporary discussions about society and politics. Rawls 's Theory of Justice is extensively considered as one of this century 's most important pieces of political philosophy. The renowned philosopher’s ideology takes as its starting point the argument that "the most reasonable principles of justice are those everyone would accept and agree to from a fair position". By using a similar alternative to the social contract, in his Theory of Justice, Rawls addresses the problem of distributive justice. The theory which he then presents us with, “Justice as Fairness", includes his two
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