Johnny Cade Is A Hero In The Outsiders

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In the book the outsiders, Johnny Cade is the main hero. Johnny had saved many of kids lives from the church that was blazing on fire. As well as his best friend Ponyboy's. He also saved Ponys life when the Socs where trying to take his life by drowning him in the fountain. Even during the last moments of his life he was still thinking more about others than he was his self. This makes him a true hero, not just to his friends or the kids whose life he saved, but to everyone who is soon to hear of him. First, Johnny had saved many of kids lives whom where trapped in the burning church. Johnny didn't even hesitate, he bolted in there and grabbed the children one by one and placed them gently out the window. According to the article, " I started at a dead run for the church". This is to prove that nothing could get in between him and those kids, and they had to make it out alive or it'll be on them. …show more content…

Johnny had sacrificed his life to save not only the kids lives but also his dearest friends Pony's. According to the article, "We dropped the last of the kids out as the front of the church had started to crumble. Johnny shoved me toward the window."Get out!"." Saving those kids and his friend really does show how much he cares more about others than he does himself. Thirdly, the night that had put them on the run was another time that Johnny had saved Pony's life. Earlier that night when Pony had ran away from home the decided to go to the park, there was the Socs who had wanted to fight Pony and Johnny. According to the article, " You really killed him, huh, Johnny? I had to. They were drowning you, Pony."One of Bobs friends was trying to drown Pony in the fountain, when moments later Johnny had stabbed Bob in the back, which had made everyone race back into the mustang and leave. This proves that Johnny would really kill someone just to defend his

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