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Johnny Cash Any person familiar with country music will surely know the name “Johnny Cash.” A man like him does not come around every day and he will not be forgotten anytime soon. Johnny Cash will go down in history as one of the most legendary country singers of all time because of his hit songs, his battle with addiction, and his overall unpredictable lifestyle. Cash's early years were a significant influence on his personality. Cash had 6 siblings, he was born in Kingsland, Arkansas. His parents Ray and Carrie Cash were both sharecrop farmers. At the age of 3 Cash’s family moved to Dyess, Arkansas, so that his family could take advantage of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal farming program. From a young age Cash and all of his siblings had …show more content…

He was working as an appliance salesman In Memphis Tennessee while pursuing music on the side. He teamed up with a couple of mechanics that worked with his older brother Roy to create a small band. The trio often played for their wives at one of their homes, much of it gospel music (“Johnny Cash” In 1954 Elvis Presley released his first track with Sun Records. This track put Sun Records on the map. After this release Cash, Grant, and Perkins visited Sun Records with hopes of landing an audition. The gang landed an audition and the producer loved their stuff. The first song they came out with after signing with Sun Records was “Hey Porter” (“Johnny Cash” Naked History). After the audition they officially signed with Sun Records. Johnny Cash and the “Tennessee Two” produced “Cry, Cry, Cry”, it peaked at 14 on billboard charts. Shortly after Cash came out with 2 top 10 tracks “So Doggone Lonesome” and “Folsom Prison Blues”. In 1956 Cash wrote and released “I Walk the Line” It was #1 on country music charts and sold over 2 million copies. By the early 1960’s Cash relocated his family to California and joined Columbia Records (“Johnny Cash” On stage he was known as the “Man in Black” because of his black clothes and rebellious personality (“Johnny Cash” Encyclopedia Britannica). Throughout his career he had 30 singles appear on the top 100 list, with 14 of them being number one. His music wasn’t his only aspect of fame, he acted, had a television show, and wrote an autobiography about himself (“Johnny Cash” Naked History). Ultimately his popular music and fame led to his difficult battle with

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