Joseph Lorusso Analysis

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Joseph Lorusso:
Joseph Lorusso is an international contextual artist who uses oil paint as a main medium to create beautiful artworks with blissful subject matter. His works often portray women in relaxed states, as well as many couples, with some in relaxed states and others kissing each other or staring into one another’s eyes. He paints figures and landscapes using the style of great Italian and French masters while many in today’s context have moved onto more modern styles.
Lorusso’s work is beautiful and calming, despite his strong use of warm colours, and often has no hidden meaning which allows the viewer to appreciate his technique and formal aspects more. His works are both visually appealing and he makes use of an old style which makes the subject matter appear somewhat realistic.
Lorusso influenced my work, as originally I wanted to make use of this old painting style in my final artwork, but since then my plans have changed and my artwork won’t have any aspects of …show more content…

She also portrays movement by painting the same figure in different poses on the same canvas. Radstrom often combines an old classic style of painting with what she experiences in the world, which has influenced me to notice what is going on around me more. My work is also portraying what I’ve noticed in the world and although she didn’t influence the style in which I executed my final drawing, both of our works are realistic and based on real life figures. Her works, however, portray women as fragile or vulnerable, with many of them in relaxed or sexual states, whereas opposite to that, my final drawing is a strong image of a women, not portrayed in a sexual way and our concepts are completely opposite. Again, much like Lorusso, her work has inspired me to rebel against the fragility and objectification of women. Her works are beautiful, yet go against my

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