Journeys Together Poem Analysis

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Whether music is poetry or not has been up for debate for a long time now. Because of the use of assonance, rhyme, rhythm/meter, and cultural influence, “Distance” by Richard Caddock and Hyper Potions is more poetic and artistic than “Travels Together” by Heather Milks. Both the poem and the song make great use of metaphors. The idea of both of the pieces is that life has challenges that can be overcome to reach and end goal, and going through them together with a significant other can be a nice experience. In Heather Milks’s “Travels Together,” metaphors are used to describe the obstacles and rewards. Milks writes, “ We are on a long voyage, a journey, a path that is uncharted. / There are hills that will tire us and valleys that will amaze …show more content…

Look out for slopes
Down the telescope
And when you reach me
I'll let you stay. (Caddock lines 11-18)
The rhyme in “Distance” helps make it sound better when read aloud, but still must make sense in the context, which was achieved. Again, though both the poem and song in places use assonance and slant rhyme in place of rhyme in some areas, “Distance” has more rhyme. Songs also overtake poems in their cultural influence. Part of poetry is expressing thoughts and feelings and getting it to an audience for them to interpret. Today, music is more popular than poetry. More people frequently listen to music than read poems. Music is everywhere - in movies, TV shows, public transportation, radio, etc. People even listen to music while working. In conclusion, the song “Distance” by Richard Caddock and Hyper Potions is more poetic and artistic than the poem “Travels Together” by Heather Milks because of its better use of rhyme, rhythm/meter, and influence on culture. They both use metaphors well, but “Distance” uses more rhyme and has a better rhythm to it. As shown between these two examples, music is more poetic than poetry and should be considered poetry because of their use of rhyme, meter, and influence on

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