Julius Caesar Selfish Essay

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In the play, Julius Caesar, written and directed by William Shakespeare. His story allowed great stories to come alive, even thousands of years after his death. This play had 5 acts that gave a great story, which was all based on a true story. This was a tragic and painful story, that was about a man who was a great leader. He was executed and taken away because of constrictors and friends who betrayed him for his power and ended up paying the price after his death. Julius Caesar was a powerful man, who brought Rome up as a country. Caesar was truly the noblest Roman of all time. While he was in charge, he lead Rome to greatness. However this was not an easy task for him, he sacrificed himself to protect his people. This truly showed in the battle against Pompey, it took everything he had and all of his best warriors to win this war. Although Pompey came to this war with twice the man, Caesar was able to overwhelm all of them and won the battle. During this battle half of the men sundered and the opposite half were killed. In this war, 15,000 Romans were killed and 24,000 were taken, prisoner. …show more content…

Even though he was seen as someone who was greatly entitled, he stood for what he knew was right and would most benefit everyone, not just himself. Although Caesar was never an official king, he stood as one of the greatest leaders of all time. Caesar was in charge of Rome, the country was struggling and didn't have a steady leader under control. So once everyone saw the potential and strong leader they offered him the crown three times and he never accepted it, however, he stayed in charge until his

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