Why Is Julius Caesar Bad

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There have been many rulers in the Roman Empire, but none like Julius Caesar. Through his short rule as dictator, he was able to improve the ways of Roman life, and help the empire as a whole. He made many reforms to alter what other rulers have done before, improving the harsh and cruel laws. He was passionate about what he did, never letting the Roman people down. Never again will Rome see another ruler as great as Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar affected roman life and culture in multiple ways. He created new jobs, and also gave public land to the poor. He also benefitted common people by alleviating taxes. He helped conquest land like Gaul, and helped expand the Roman Empire giving people more land, and created more job options at the same time. He made public buildings like theaters and libraries which would create job options, and also enhance the city’s appearance. Julius Caesar was rumored to invent the newspaper in ancient times. He would make newspapers to inform the public about social and political happenings, and tell them about public events. Julius Caesar played an important rule on the culture of Ancient Rome. Julius Caesar was an extraordinary ruler. He was able to dominate Rome and declared himself dictator for life. The empire was on the verge of collapsing, but he was able to expand the empire, and even secure its …show more content…

He had many health issues including Malaria and Hypoglycemia. Additionally, seizures were rumored and he possibly had Epilepsy. Julius trusted people too much while he was ruling for the Roman Imperium. For example, he gave an inordinate amount of trust to Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus who assassinated him. One of Julius’s supreme impotencies was giving former enemies a seat in regime. Caesar’s popularity gave him many enemies while he ruled over the Roman Empire. In closing, Julius Caesar was a tremendous ruler, but he had bounteous

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