To What Extent Was Julius Caesar A Tyrant?

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Name: Alexander Palma, Ethan Thorpe, Cody Mullinix Julius Caesar: Hero or Tyrant? Short Argumentative Writing Organizer Topic: Julius Caesar’s Impact on the Roman Republic Big Historical Question: Was Julius Caesar a hero or a tyrant? Claim Statement State your position on whether Julius Caesar was a Roman hero or tyrant. State one main reason why you are taking that position. To begin with, Julius Caesar was a tyrant because he betrayed Rome and the Roman and the Roman government by bringing his army to Rome even though Rome didn’t want that. Provide supporting evidence or proof of your claim: Julius Caesar was a powerful military general with a powerful army. Rome needed his help so the Roman government gave a lot of power to him and they ended up winning the war but after that Julius Caesar did not want to step down from ruling so he ended up ruling Rome for a while. Explain how this evidence supports your claim: Provide more evidence or proof: Another reason why Julius Caesar was a tyrant was that he only became a military general because he wanted more power. Another reason why we think Julius Caesar is a tyrant was that he had to blackmail his own army so his army would …show more content…

Caesar's army fought the senate's army for three years. When Caesar won he took over the Roman government. He became military general for power. Each time he conquered land he would gain the riches of that land He blackmailed his army into giving off some of his riches he gained to them.Julius Caesar’s brief rule did many things so people would like him as a Ruler of the Roman government. Julius Caesar begged his family to work for him but the army refused. So Julius Caesar decided to give them all of his riches. Rome had been in a democracy for over 400 years until Julius Caesar became the leader of the government of Rome he stopped all of it. He betrayed Rome by helping to gain power over so he could be the

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