The Death Of Julius Caesar

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Initially, the people of Rome loved Julius Caesar, but the council did not. Julius Caesar died because of the way that he did things and people did not approve. He had upset the people of the council and the political people of Rome. The people of the council thought that he was going to ruin Rome if he continued to be the dictator. Julius Caesar was the first dictator of Rome, which left the people with a displeasing feeling of him. He came into rule, wanting to make life better for the people of Rome and give them better odds in the case of something bad happening. My prompt was to elaborate what led to Julius Caesar’s death and how it happened; also supposed to give a reason to why they thought he was killed. Julius Caesar died because of the way he tried to go about ruling Rome; the council did not agree with the way that Caesar was trying to rule and they disagreed with him on more than one occasion, because he had political experience before he became the dictator of Rome. To begin, Julius Caesar was the first dictator in Roman history,causing a lot of problems with the council and the people. Gordon King in his book The Rise of Rome explained how Julius Caesar knew what he was doing and how to lead successfully. This quote is a good example of what the people of Rome thought about Julius Caesar and why they really liked him,“Thus died the greatest man that the Roman world had yet produced” (Gordon 141). In this quote Gordon King says that Caesar was one of the

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