Mark Antony's Influence On Julius Caesar

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Mark Antony was a Roman General, cavalry commander, quaestor and senator of the ancient Rome Empire around the final century BCE and ally and second in command to Julius Caesar. Antony was born in Rome in 83 BCE and ended his life by choice with his lover, Cleopatra, in 31 BCE.
As a cavalry commander, he joined the army of Gabinius, in 57 BCE serving Egypt and Palisinte. Mark Antony was the general under Julius from around 52 to 50 BCE. He was also the officer of Julius Caesar in Gaul [what is now France]. Antony backed up Caesar in his war with Pompey the Great in 49 BCE. When the duo came out triumphant from that war, Caesar left Antony in charge of Italy as a reward. After that Antony became Caesar's left wing in the Battle of Pharsalus in 48 BCE, which after they were victorious once again, Antony was appointed Julius Caesar's “Master of the Horse” or second in command (Badian). After Julius Caesar was plotted against and killed in 44 BCE by two Roman Senators, Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus, who thought, along with other senators that Julius was trying to become a dictator of the Empire (Badian) and therefore wanted to get rid of him. Mark Antony he was next in line to the …show more content…

Even though Caesar ruled as an absolute ruler he had created many reforms and did a lot to help the poor (McDougal 161) but in the end he was killed because he was seen as having too much power for ruling a republic. It was Antony who fought for the fate of Rome with Octavian. Antony, as Caesar's successor, would have strived to rule just like him, but it was because of Antony’s loss of power in the end that led to Octavian becoming Rome’s first emperor. It was also Antony’s actions of having an affair with Cleopatra the led to the end of the Second Triumvirate and a Roman civil

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