Caesar And The Downfall Of The Roman Republic Essay

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Caesars role in the downfall of the Roman Republic:

The Role of Caesar in the transition of the Roman Republic to a Military empire can easily be argued as much larger than Cleopatra’s. Caesar was known to have had a history of affairs with royal women and this alone shows him to perhaps be a weak character that was easily persuaded by women as long as he could get what he needed from them as well. A personality trait such as this could have allowed a woman like Cleopatra to take advantage of Caesar especially due to her known charm and allure to the men around her and if this was the case then it could be said that if Cleopatra did cause a lot of damage to the Roman Republic, it was only because Caesar had allowed her to passing a lot of …show more content…

As mentioned previously, Augustus declared war on Cleopatra and in doing so declared war on Antony who, since beginning a relationship with Cleopatra, was going to support her in the battle. In doing this, Augustus knew he would gain more support due to people feeling able to swap to support him rather than Antony with the reason of not liking Cleopatra rather than seeming disloyal. Despite Cleopatra having a large army, Antony lost a large proportion of his support from the army to Augustus and therefore Augustus defeated Antony and Cleopatra. This battle could be seen to lead the way to Augustus ruling the new Roman empire as a powerful military state because he had been able to gain so much support in the lead up and during this battle and therefore the reason why it changed so drastically was because of the feud between Antony and Augustus allowing it to when Augustus declared war on Cleopatra. However, one question raised by this is if Antony would have fought Augustus if he didn’t have the support of Cleopatra and her army and if he wouldn’t have, would Antony still have run the Roman Empire as a military state or maybe followed Caesar and become a dictator? The war may have shown Augustus that a military state was a plausible way of

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