Michael Grant's Hellenistic Heritance Of Cleopatra

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This book didn’t just cover the lifespan of Cleopatra itself but also quite resourcefully shows the historical aspects of events that happened before and after Cleopatra’s lifetime. With Cleopatra being such central and well-known figure, not just back in her time but even now, she had a very strong impact on history herself and through her relationships with Caesar and Mark Anthony. Michael Grant went back as early as 323 BC to the death of Alexander the Great to explain the rise of the Ptolemaic Era through Ptolemy I and to show the proof of Cleopatra’s Hellenistic heritance. In detail he showed the hardships Caesar had to face while staying in Egypt with the Egyptian Queen but he also explained the happenings that lead to Caesar arriving …show more content…

She was intelligent and had courage to go her own way. She was a wife, a mother and lover but at the same time a cold hearted ruler that tried to eliminate everyone that stood in her way not caring if it was a stranger or a family member. We don’t have a lot of resources out of her personal perspective but the resources that we do have, paint a picture of a strong woman that lost and regained her throne, was able to make choices that helped expand her countries wealth and territory. She was resourceful with knowledge about Alchemy, Politics, different cultures and languages. She survived the death of her first love and even though afterwards she loved again she was a changed person, colder and more focused on personal gains that anything else. What would she have been like if Caesar wouldn’t have been murdered? How would History look like if Octavian’s Admiral Agrippa would have worked for the opposite side? We will never know but what we do know is, that Cleopatra is one of the most well-known and inspiring Women in history. The myths and secrets that surround her make her and the courage that she showed during her lifetime even more

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