Sphinx Of Hatshepsut Essay

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Sphinx of Hatshepsut
First association with the Egyptian culture for me is related to Sphinx. That’s why first what caught my eyes was Sphinx of Hatshepsut. No, of course, it is not that massive Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt but his history is also interesting.
This item is a sphynx of Pharaoh Hatshepsut with a human head and lion’s body. It is not easy to recognize women’s face in this item hidden under the royal beard and head cloths. Only after looking carefully, I was attracted by her handsome facial lines with its petite lips and ideal nose. Massive with muscles lion’s body combined with woman’s face make you read in her eyes first “I am powerful” and only after time “But I am a woman”.
Why this item was broken into many fragments and was hidden? Why this woman covered her beauty with the royal beard? And finally was she a hero of the time or just an ambitious Pharaoh? All these …show more content…

There are many items related to Hatshepsut are represented in Metropolitan Museum of Art: Hatshepsut in a Devotional Attitude, Large Kneeling Statue of Hatshepsut and others, but Sphinx of Hatshepsut has special mystery and meaning for me.

Head of King Amenmesse
Continuing my journey through the Egyptian department, I found that my attention was taken by Head of King Amenmesse.
It is only part of the full statue with missing piece of left ear and headdress, but even this is enough to be attracted by ideal work of sculptor. Absolutely natural facial lines give a sense of presence.
I didn’t know details about history of king’s life, but King Amenmesse’s statue has mystery and cunning smile. All his look is saying: “I know what I want and I will get it”. His headdress is decorated with the snake to highlight his power.
The body of statue is in its original place in great Hypostyle Hall of the Temple of Amun at

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