Hatshepsut Accomplishments

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Hatshepsut was the fifth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, ruling from c. 1478 or 1479. There were very few female Pharaohs during this time and she has proven to be one of the most successful leaders in Egypt’s history. Hatsheput was one of two daughters born to the Pharaoh Thutmose I and his royal wife, Ahmose. She took over the throne after her father and husband died. The rightful heir to the throne, her husband’s second wife’s son, was too young to lead. Hatshepsut was next in line after him and was more than ready and qualified to run the dynasty. This paper will discuss three of Hatshepsut’s biggest accomplishments as Pharaoh and explain why she was such a successful leader. My research will show her to be a success through great building efforts, establishing trade for her people, and keeping peace for her people during her entire reign. …show more content…

Obelisks are tall, four sided structures with a pyramid on top. They were built to honor something or someone. Some of these structures can still be seen today. She also built many temples for her people to worship and pay tribute to different things. Hapshepsut even built a temple dedicated to herself! It was meant to be her final resting place and she would be buried there when she died. It is still standing today and is considered one of the most amazing examples of ancient Egyptian architecture.

When Hatshepsut came to power, Egypt was in a good position. Her dynasty was thriving and she wanted to take advantage of this positive time. She decided to establish trade routes with other dynasties. This was how she funded many of her construction projects. Hatshepsut’s people traded frankincense, myrrh trees, black gold, ebony, and incense. She often sent ships to a place called Punt, where she would trade for things to bring back home for her people to prosper from. Trading helped her dynasty make money and stay

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