Hatshepsut Essay

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Do you know who Hatshepsut is ? She is the daughter of Queen Ahmose and Thutmose l also known as the founder of the Eighteenth dynasty and the king of the Eighteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt . Hatshepsut was considered one of the greatest pharaohs . She considered herself as a man . She felt she had the right to rule like any man . She ruled over Twenty years as a man . Hatshepsut was one of the most successful and powerful females in ancient Egypt history .
Hatshepsut was the fifth pharaoh of ancient Egypt . Became queen of Egypt when she married her half-brother at twelve years old . She grew up in the great royal courts of Egypt . Hatshepsut grew up with one sister and two brothers; they had died when they were young . She did have a half brother that she had married to . When her father king Thutmose l died without any sons, hatshepsut married …show more content…

She was born at the Greenwich palace where she was all so taught . Hatshepsut learned about Egyptian history . She sponsored one of Egypt's most successful trading expeditions bringing back gold. Hatshepsut was the first ever female pharaoh . Hatshepsut was the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, and the second known female pharaoh . She ruled for over 20 years in the 15th century BC and is considered on of the Egypt’s most successful pharaohs
Hatshepsut’s legacy was largely erased by her successors who sought to diminish her accomplishments and remove her from the historical record. She is known for her building projects, including the construction of the mortuary temple of Deir el-Bahri,which still stands today . Hatshepsut was also known for her trade expeditions, which brought exotic goods to Egypt from her faraway land Despite her success, Hatshepsut’s legacy was largely erased by her successors . Overall Hatshepsut’s reign was a remarkable period in ancient Egyptian history, and her legacy continues to inspire people to this day

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