Brutus Funeral Speech Essay

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Would you trust someone who kills their best friend for the good of their country or some guy who thinks they knew the leader? Exactly, you would want and trust a leader who would do anything for the good of their country. Julius Caesar was murder by Brutus and the other conspirators but they said it was for the good of Rome. Brutus and Antony both gave a speeches over Julius Caesars death to appeal to the plebeians. Brutus funeral speech was a more effective speech than Antony because his use of ethos, pathos, and logos made the plebeians focus on his words more. In their two funeral speeches for Julius Caesar, Antony and Brutus both appealed to the plebeian’s ethos. Brutus’ speech topped Antony’s in this aspect because of a couple select quotes. Brutus asked the plebeians that “if any, speak, for him have I offended. I pause for a reply” (Shakespeare 3.2 …show more content…

They both had strong speeches in their logos. Brutus told the people that Caesar was killed for a reason by stating “had you rather Caesar were living, and/ die all slaves, than that Caesar were dead, above all/ freemen?” (3.2 24-26). Brutus was telling the people that since Caesar are dead, everyone can be free and no one should have to be slaves by force. Even though that Brutus won in ethos and pathos, Antony had a slightly stronger logos appeal. Antony told the people about him trying to make Caesar king. He told the plebeians that he “thrice presented him a kingly crown,/ which he thrice refused” (3.2 105-106). This was saying that Caesar did not take the crown after three times and he maybe did not want to be king. Maybe Caesar really wanted what was best for Caesars funeral. Caesar could have not been ambitious and really had some good views for Rome future. This may have been true but Brutus did not really believe it. Even though this was a little stronger than that of Brutus’, Brutus speech was still on top because his speech won in ethos and

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