Jurgis In The Jungle

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The Jungle is a novel about the journey of Jurgis and his family after immigrating from Lithuanian to Packingtown, Chicago. Jurgis finds a job working in the meat-packing industry, and the family finds a house to buy. Although Jurgis did not want Ona or the children going to work, times get hard and the whole family ends up getting a job. While at work, Jurgis injures his ankle; this causes him to be out of work for a few months. To keep the family from losing their jobs, Ona sleeps with her boss, Conner. When Jurgis finds this out, he gets very upset. Jurgis then finds Conner and physically assaults him. Consequently, he is condemned to thirty days in jail. When Jurgis is released, he finds Ona in labor. Unfortunately, Ona and the second

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